Production process of Spunlaced Nonwovens

PublishTime:2021/3/31 13:04:00

The conventional production process of spunlaced nonwovens is as follows

Raw cotton -- opening and cleaning -- Carding -- cross net laying -- multi roller drawing -- degreasing and bleaching -- Spunlaced -- drying -- winding -- finished product

The production process of the existing Spunlaced technology is to degrease and bleach the raw cotton, then spunlace, dry, wind and make the finished product. In other words, all impurities and impurities are bleached together. This heap bleaching process is characterized by large waste of energy and materials and high cost. In addition, as a medical dressing, the most important thing is that it is hygienic and free of impurities. This process of degreasing and bleaching cotton first, followed by flower cleaning, net laying and spunlace, once again pollutes the cotton.

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